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Culture is dictated by the moving picture. This generation looks to video and film for self-identity, social expectations and history of the world. So much power is placed with the creative thinkers behind these cameras that capture the motion of the world.

Respect the Doc is a feature documentary that captures the amazing risks and courage taken by six prestigious documentarians from cities all over the world. For over a year and a half Amber Kandarian has followed the lives of these documentarians, such as Albert Maysles of GIMME SHELTER and Mark Achbar of THE CORPORATION, to understand why these people put their lives in danger, through the intimate filming of such subjects as teenage heroine addicts of Union Square to the most powerful business men of this century.

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Art Basel Miami Beach takes place December 4 - 7, 2008. Art Basel Miami Beach is the most important art show in North America.

Art Basel Miami Beach, "The Winter Rendezvous of the International Artworld" as the press release calls it, is in its 7th year now. More than 240 galleries from around the world are taking part in the art fair. They show works by over 2,000 artists of the 20th and 21st centuries.

There's no AIDS in Armenia
Russia and Ukraine have the fastest growing HIV/AIDS population in the world. Post-Soviet states have documented increasing amounts of HIV contractions, attributed to their close vicinity and easy access to Russia. In 2005, the UNAIDS organization found that Armenia had 2,900 documented cases of HIV, a number that is typical of AIDS in its early stages.

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The Rookie is a children's television show from New Zealand. Aired in 2005 with Studio Two and Saturday Disney on TVNZ.

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The Rookie is a children's television show from New Zealand. Aired in 2005 with Studio Two and Saturday Disney on TVNZ.

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Millions of eyes witness the amazing feats of extreme sports athletes every day on television and on the silver screen but who are the people behind the lens who make these pros visible to the world?

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